20 Content Marketing Twitter Accounts To Follow

Twitter content marketing accounts to followTwitter is a great source for conversations and information about content marketing.  These are some must-follow accounts for those who want to join the conversation.

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ConroyMediaGrp, along with these accounts:

@Copyblogger – The twitter account of the editorial team at Copyblogger.  Chock full of insights on writing, self-publishing and keeping a conversation going.

@GiniDietrich – CEO Arment Dietrich, founder @spinsuckspro and all around brilliant marketer.  Listen to what she has to say, because this woman knows her stuff but follow her account because she actually interacts with people on Twitter.  Oh and if you get a chance to meet her at an event, go introduce yourself, she’s just as awesome in person.

@JayBaer – President of ConvinceandConvert.com, Jay is great at getting to the heart of content.  He bills himself as “hype-free” and that’s why his audience (including the CMG team) loves him.  Follow this account for quality insights on content and storytelling.

@BrianneCarlon – Brianne talks about the intersection of journalism and marketing.  Her tweets always prompt interesting conversations about things like how activism is bringing new types of content to journalism.

@Crestodina – Andy Crestodina just GETS content marketing.  His love of writing and web design make for some great insights into how design and words work together to engage with the audience.

@JuntaJoe – He’s been called the Godfather of content.  Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent), one of the best online sources for content information.

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@Contentxpert –  The Twitter account for Content Marketing Experience, this handle pulls together some great pieces on everything from the logistics of content to the roles of paid, earned and owned media.

@JeffBullas – Jeff is a constant source of new tools and resources for marketers.  Follow his twitter feed for links to post like “10 Types of Social Proof to Turbo Charge Your Blog” and “6 Reasons People Use Twitter“.

@Outbrain – A content discovery platform, Outbrain is a great source for interesting pieces on content marketing from every corner of the web.

@RobinYearsley – Robin aggregates a lot of great information from around the web, check out his paper.li round-ups for interesting tidbits he comes across.

@ChrisBrogan – CEO & President of Human Business Works (an education publishing & media company), Chris tweets about social media, digital publishing and his life.  Follow him for interesting media tidbits and for his positive attitude – it tends to rub off.

@SeanMcGinnis – Director of Digital Marketing for Sears Parts Direct, Founder of @312Digital and the kind of guy you’d want to have at a dinner party. Sean enjoys connecting with people and helping them move forward in the digital world.  Follow him for great recommendations on posts you should read and people you should know.

@MarketingProfs – Run by Ann Handley, Head of Content at MarketingProfs, this account is pure gold for marketers.  There is no other way to put it than simply – their information makes you a better content marketer (example: How B2B Content Impacts Buying Decisions).

@ardath421 – We love that Ardath bills herself as a “Storyteller”, since we believe that most content marketers are really storytellers at heart.  Follow her for her love of storytelling and her appreciation for the structure & strategy that goes along with content marketing.

@gerrymcgovern – “If the Web were a digestive system it would have no capacity to poop.”  Follow Gerry for tell-it-like-it-is insights into content and how to keep it it valuable over time, a challenge many brands face.

@CollectiveBias – Dedicated to weaving “organic social content into real-life stories”, this handle has humans behind it that want to talk social & content.  Rather than just tweeting links, these guys actually strike up a conversation and share all different forms of content (photos, blog posts & videos) to keep followers engaged.

Who would you add to the list?  Tell us in the comments below!


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    Certainly a self-serving addition, but we are most certainly adding a great deal of value and leadership to the content marketing space… @CollectiveBias.

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    Hey Cate, might nice of you to add @contentxpert but all we really do is write opinions, tips and reviews, share our real-life content marketing lessons, tweet & curate so feel free to add some great folks in the space. We’re just marketing consultants with several blogs and one on content marketing too ;) Two people I personally appreciate a lot when it boils down to customer-centric content and content marketing: for content absolutely @gerrymcgovern and for content marketing @ardath421, top of the crop. Cheers and thx again.

    , know it – for your list: ,

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      Great suggestions J-P, I will definitely add those two as well. But don’t sell @contentxpert short – the account provides a great source for aggregated information, which makes my life as a content marketer easier. I know that I can simply keep an eye on @contentxpert to find great content from across the web – saves me a lot of time! Thanks for your hard work curating those pieces and for stopping by to introduce me to @ardath421 and @gerrymcgovern!


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