25 IFTTT Content Distribution Recipes

IFTTT Content Distribution Recipes


Blogging Tools IFTTT LogoIf This Then That or IFTTT is one of my favorite tools to create simple automated content distribution recipes.

Pronounced like “gift” with out the “g”, IFTTT is an aptly named app.  Whenever one action occurs, the IFTTT recipes will trigger another action.  For example: IF I publish a WordPress post, THEN post a link to my company’s Facebook page.

With 164 channels ranging from WordPress to Android Wear, there are literally thousands of recipes that you can create to distribute your content through those channels.  We have compiled some of the most popular recipes that will simplify your content distribution:

WordPress RecipesIFTTT WordPress content distribution recipes

With over 60% of the market share, WordPress is the most common CMS for websites (source).  Connecting IFTTT to your WordPress site will simplify the distribution of the content you worked so hard to create.

Here are a few of our favorite IFTTT recipes for WordPress content distribution:

WordPress → Facebook Page

WordPress → Twitter

WordPress → LinkedIn

Instagram → Wordpress This recipe is great for any visual industries like fashion. If you post an image on Instagram, it will publish it to your WordPress blog as well.

WordPress → Buffer

Soundcloud → Wordpress

RSS or Atom Feed RecipesIFTTT RSS feed content distribution recipes

If you use two-part authentication on your site or CMS, IFTTT recipes that plug directly into your site may not be able to access your blog.  That is where an RSS feed recipe can come in handy.  These are a few great RSS feed recipes to get you started:

Feed → Facebook Page

Feed → Facebook Group

Feed → Twitter

Feed → Mail

Feed → iOS

PINNERS! Pay attention to this:

PIN FEED → Facebook Page

That’s right, you can automate sharing your pins on your Facebook page (and many other channels) simply by accessing your Pinterest Feed.  All you have to do is copy the link to the pinterest board you want to share posts from. Remove the last / and replace it with .rss.  Example: http://pinterest.com/username/boardname.rss.

You now have your Pinterest board feed and can automate sharing your pins.

Tumblr RecipesIFTTT Tumblr content distribution recipes

If you publish your blog on Tumblr, IFTTT has you covered.

Here are some of our favorite Tumblr content distribution recipes:

Tumblr → Twitter

Tumblr → Facebook

Pinterest → Tumblr

YouTube → Tumblr

Tumblr → Flickr

Instagram Hashtag → Tumblr

Buffer RecipesIFTTT Buffer content distribution recipes

Finally, Buffer is a great way to manage the scheduling of your content distribution.  Buffer lets you set specific times when you want to distribute your content.  As you add content to your Buffer queue, it fills in the empty pre-scheduled slots.


The combination of IFTTT and Buffer gives you both the automation of IFTTT with the timing control of Buffer.

RSS → Buffer

Instagram → Buffer

Feedly → Buffer

Upvote on Reddit → Buffer

Pinterest → Buffer

RSS → Google+ (via Buffer)

Embedding IFTTT Recipes

Give you audience another way to receive your content.  Embed an IFTTT recipe in your site encouraging them to sign up for an IFTTT recipe that sends your RSS feed to their preferred channel, whether that is an iOS notification, Gmail, or Feedly.  IFTTT allows your audience to customize the way they receive your content, but it is up to you to facilitate that personalization.

For example, if you wanted to receive a daily email digest every time we publish a post on this blog, all you have to do is activate this recipe:
IFTTT Recipe: Concentric Content Post to Daily Digest connects feed to email-digest

REMEMBER – because IFTTT works as an if this then that recipe, you can mix and match any of the channels.  Just because we haven’t listed it here doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.  I highly recommend checking out the site yourself and playing around a bit.

Do you have any IFTTT recipes you love?  Share them in the comments below.

To make sure you’re the first to know when we share content, use this IFTTT recipe to receive iOS updates OR change the “iOS Notifications” to the channel of your choice to get a notice whenever we publish:

IFTTT Recipe: Concentric Content Post to iOS connects feed to ios-notifications

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