5 Free Tools to Find Out Who Your Audience Follows


One of the best ways to stay in touch with changes in your industry is to keep track of who your audience follows on social media.

Think of your audience as your own crew of trend spotters.  They are already seeking out the latest names and experts in your industry, so there is no need for you to duplicate the work – just pay attention to who they follow.

These are some of our favorite tools for learning more about who our audience follows on social media:

Find Out Who Your Audience Follows We Follow Logo WeFollow - WeFollow was originally a Twitter directory and has grown to be something a bit more robust. When you type in a keyword they will pull and rank twitter accounts that have prominence in the keyword. They call their ranking system the Prominence Score and says it operates similar to Google’s PageRank.  For more on how they pull and rank keyword authorities, check out their page on their Prominence Score.

How to find out who your audience follows with FollowerWonkWho Your Audience Follows - FollowerWonk LogoFollowerWonk - Owned by one of my favorite digital tools, Moz, FollowerWonk is a great tool for Twitter insights.  The free version gives you some great data including allowing you to compare Twitter accounts.  This comparison is a perfect way to find out who your customers are following, as well as who your competition is following. It also provides a social score and charts breaking down engagement, follow rate, and tweets per week.  Needless to say, there are even more insights that come along with a pro account.

Tools to find influencers - SocialMention LogoSocialMention to find who your audience followsSocialMention – SocialMention labels itself a social media search engine, which means when you search for a keyword, it pulls in data from across various social platforms.

While a number of these tools focus on Twitter, SocialMention pulls from a variety of sources.  You can narrow your search by platform or by format of content (images, videos, etc.) This makes social mention stand out as a great way to find influencers on a variety of social media sites, not just Twitter.  The fact that you call also see sentiment for the subject (positive, neutral or negative) is just an added perk.

Tools to find Influencers - Topsy Logo

Topsy to find who your audience followsTopsy – Like SocialMention, Topsy is a great overview of what is happening with a keyword.  This includes information on the influencers for that keyword.  Topsy also allows you to select by language – a helpful tool for any multi-lingual or international brand.

Not only does it tell you who the influencers are on the given keyword, but if you click on the “Everything” tab you can see analytics of the keyword on Twitter.  The data will demonstrate the ebb and flow of the conversation around that keyword, including the top tweet for a given day.  All very useful information when tracking industry trends.

“Similar Accounts”Similar Accounts to Follow On TwitterMany social media platforms want to encourage you to use them more.  That means they will provide you with recommendations.

Personally I’ve found myself reflexively ignoring these suggestions, but in fact this is a great way to put the platform’s algorithm to work for you.  For example, when I followed a great content marketer on Twitter, I was immediately handed these recommendations:

I’ve now been given a few more great marketers to follow.

So what are your favorite tools to find out who your audience follows?  Share them in the comments below. If you want to be the first to hear about it when we share great tools like these, sign up for our newsletter.

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