About Concentric Content Marketing Agency

Who is Concentric Content Marketing?

Concentric Content Marketing is a content marketing agency that helps companies communicate with their target audience.

There is an untapped wealth of knowledge in any given organization.  In order to put that knowledge to good use, organizations need high quality content like blog posts, social media messages and whitepapers to deliver their message to their audience.

Concentric Content Marketing provides strategy, creation and training on the development of high quality content, saving businesses time and money while engaging the target audience and building a stronger relationship between the organization and their clients.

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an industry that is gaining traction with the rise of digital content. It is critical for businesses to be able to generate high quality content that holds the attention of their target audience.

At the end of the day, when taking into consideration research, writing, editing, distribution and measurement of content, it is simply too costly for most small and medium businesses to bring content marketing in-house.  However content marketing has become a critical component of a digital marketing strategy.  Content dictates search engine rankings, 60% of business decision makers say custom content helps them make better product decisions and of all marketing techniques, social networks, blogs and e-newsletters deliver the best return for U.S. brands.

The problem for most small and medium businesses is that most content marketing firms are seen as a luxury service.  Concentric Content Marketing wants to make content marketing accessible for businesses that need it most – small and medium sized organizations.

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