Why Audience Research is More Important than Your Writing

audience research is more important than writingIt is better to spend 3 hours on audience research rather than 3 hours writing.  

Why? Because quality trumps quantity.

As marketers, we always have more demands on our time than hours in the day.  Using our time wisely is important to being successful.  That is why I’m telling you that the research you put into your content is more important than the actual writing or content creation.

Spending your time on audience research allows you to better understand you audience, and therefore build higher quality content.

Higher quality content is important for three reasons: it is more effective, it helps you build a reputation, and it performs better in search results.

When you do your research, your content will be more effective.

By researching your audience, you can gather enough information to personalize your marketing and personalization is cost-effective.  Your content will be speaking directly to your audience’s interests and questions rather than throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks.

A study found that when leads were nurtured with targeted content, there was a 20% increase in sales opportunities (source: DemandGen).  Take time to research and you’ll see better results.

But research is about more than just making a sale today, it is about your long-term reputation. By creating quality content through research you’ll gain your audience’s respect and build a good reputation.

82% of prospects say that they find content target to their industry to be more valuable (source: Marketo).  If you take the time to do audience research and target content to their industry, your content, and your brand will be seen as valuable.

Finally, thoughtful content will also perform better in search results. Let’s take a moment to review how search results are served up.

Search engines are built to run on algorithms.  While those algorithms are constantly changing, the goal remains the same: they work to quantify content and determine when that content should be shown to searchers.  A few ways to quantify include number of visits to the content, number of trusted sites pointing to the content, and how long visitors spend viewing the content.

If you have quality content, your visitors will spend more time viewing it, and you are more liked to have more visitors and links from trusted sites.

The bottom line is that quality trumps quantity when it comes to content.  The only way to create quality content is to thoroughly research your topics and your audience.

That is why the time you spend on audience research is more important than the time you spend creating your content.

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