Top 10 Personal Skills of Great Content Marketers

There are certain personal skills that align with different professions. A news reporter must be inquisitive in order to get to the heart of a story.  To be able to break down a computer system into its parts and find the source of a problem, an IT Director must be analytical. When it comes to marketing, there are some core skill sets that all the greats have in common. Here are the top … [Read more...]

Why Audience Research is More Important than Your Writing

It is better to spend 3 hours on audience research rather than 3 hours writing.   Why? Because quality trumps quantity. As marketers, we always have more demands on our time than hours in the day.  Using our time wisely is important to being successful.  That is why I'm telling you that the research you put into your content is more important than the actual writing or content … [Read more...]

Marketing Tasks You Can Do On Your Commute

The average commute is 25.5 minutes (source: U.S. Census).  That's just the right amount of time to catch up on world news, check out your social media, or accomplish a few marketing tasks. Being a good marketer requires that you stay in touch with your audience and your industry.  Your daily commute is a perfect opportunity to check to-dos off your list. If you commute by public … [Read more...]

25 IFTTT Content Distribution Recipes

  If This Then That or IFTTT is one of my favorite tools to create simple automated content distribution recipes. Pronounced like "gift" with out the "g", IFTTT is an aptly named app.  Whenever one action occurs, the IFTTT recipes will trigger another action.  For example: IF I publish a Wordpress post, THEN post a link to my company's Facebook page. With 164 channels ranging from … [Read more...]

Top Blogging Tools

Having the right tools in place makes any job faster and more efficient, that's why I'm sharing my top blogging tools.  These help me create better content, find the right words, and stay focused on the task at hand. Here are the top blogging tools I use every time I write a post: Wordpress - Like millions of others, our blog is built on Wordpress.  Of all the platforms our team has tried, … [Read more...]

5 Free Tools to Find Out Who Your Audience Follows

One of the best ways to stay in touch with changes in your industry is to keep track of who your audience follows on social media. Think of your audience as your own crew of trend spotters.  They are already seeking out the latest names and experts in your industry, so there is no need for you to duplicate the work - just pay attention to who they follow. These are some of our favorite tools … [Read more...]

Content Question: New Social Networks

Have a content question?  Submit a query and get advice from leading content marketers as part of our monthly series. Q:  When should I join a new social network? It seems like there is a new social media network every few hours.  At what point is it worth trying to get our brand on these new platforms?  Should we be the first to join or sit back and let others explore first before dedicating … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Strategy

Concentric Content Marketing will help your organization better understand your target audience through research and client interviews. Based on this data our team will craft tools like target audience personas and a distribution strategy.  These tools will give your team a clear plan to start a productive conversation with your audience. Depending on your needs, a content marketing strategy … [Read more...]

Content Strategy Session

The 2.5 hour content strategy session is designed specifically for brands and individuals getting started with online marketing. It is crafted to give you an opportunity to work with a marketing professional and build an easy-to-follow marketing strategy that can be executed by you or your team. Our 2.5 hour strategy session is designed to help you establish marketing goals, understand your … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Team

Do you have the right skill sets on your content marketing team?  Your content goes beyond strategy.  Having the right team and skill sets in place is critical to achieving your goals. Concentric Content Marketing will help your organization build the best content marketing team for your needs. Services we provide include: Content Process - We'll work with you to construct a content … [Read more...]