Best Marketing Tech of Q1 2013

Best Marketing TechThe year is already starting out with a bang for marketers.  Content marketing is having its moment in the spotlight and technology is making it easier than ever to create, consume and share quality content.

As someone who loves to try out new tools, I’ve compiled a list of the best marketing tech of Q1 of 2013.  These tools have made my life easier and helped me communicate more effectively with clients, I hope they help you do the same.

Little Bird – A reporting tool that lets you know who influencers are for any given topic.  Still in beta, this site could be incredibly helpful for anyone trying to learn who is who for any industry or topic.

G2 Crowd – A review site for business software.  I received an invite via LinkedIn to review some marketing tools that I use and when I checked out the site I ended up sticking around for a while to explore feedback from others.  The reviews are honest, helpful and this site could save marketers a lot of time when evaluating new tools.

Toolsy – A tool for finding tools.  Powered by Tracky, this site is a great resource for marketers looking for work hacks from others who have been there, done that.  Thumbs up or down a listed tool to provide your feedback or browse through topics like Content/SEO, Twitter, and Monitor/Analytics to hear what others have to say.  I’ve found great IFTTT recipes, new content aggregation tools and websites that even a geek like me had no idea existed (hello

Swayy - At this point I’ve mentioned these guys a few times, but they’re worth highlighting again.  This content aggregation site makes my life as a content marketer VERY easy and the founders are incredibly receptive to suggestions.  Get on this bandwagon early.

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    Thanks so much for including Toolsy in your best of Q1, Cate! I appreciate you tipping me off to Swayy as well. It looks very interesting. I love Little Bird and agree that they are onto something big with their influencer algorithms. Well-curated tools here. Thanks for sharing!


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