Best New Marketing Tools of 2013

I’m really excited to share these new marketing tools that have launched in the past few months.  I’ve used all of them in one capacity or another and can highly recommend that you add these to your marketing toolkit.

Feedolu Social RSS feed reader logo

Feedolu social rss feed reader in action
Feedolu shared post

Feedolu – Billed as a “social” RSS feed reader, Feedolu has all of the standard hallmarks of an RSS reader but with a social component.  Now you can follow friends and see what they are sharing.  This can be particularly interesting when you follow friends in your industry, OR clients.

Extra points if you set up a page as a content marketer and use this to share articles directly with clients and prospects.

Though a heads up, Feedolu is still in beta so it is an evolving platform.


PointDrive content sharing platform
PointDrive on a smartphone.

PointDrive - content sharing presentation platformPointDrive – Built to be an alternative to boring emails, PointDrive can be a fantastic tool for a Marketing, Biz Dev, or Sales team.  Think of it as a hybrid of email and PowerPoint but responsive and clean.

The key here is that instead of just sending over a boring intro email or quote, you can guide the conversation in a visual, engaging format.

The creation of a presentation is very simple, you simply upload images, videos and even attach a map (perfect for those times when you are sending over info ahead of your first sales meeting).   Plus you get a notification whenever someone opens your presentation.

The viewers don’t have to download anything or sign up to access the presentation.  All around a smooth experience on both ends.


Lift logoLift – If you’re like me, you have only the very best of intentions when it comes to writing.  Lift for bloggingIn fact, you probably have a notebook (physical or digital) filled with ideas and blog titles.  But somehow, something always gets in the way.

I’ve recently started using Lift and I have to admit, it finally forces me to stop letting other things get in the way.

It is a free goal setting and tracking app that covers everything in your life.

You can either follow a “plan” (steps laid out by others) or create a “habit” (simply checking in every time you complete an action – push reminders included).

Currently I have it sending me push notifications to remind me to blog multiple times a week, and I’m also using the “Become A Writing Machine” plan.  Check it out and set a daily reminder to get started on your blog post.


Canva graphic design programCanva – Best marketing tech 2013An extraordinarily simple graphic design interface, I highly recommend this for any content marketers that need to create images on a regular basis (hint: that is anyone with a blog).

I used it to create this image for our “award” Best Marketing Tech of 2013.

It takes just a few seconds to drag and drop designs and the provided templates are very nice, clean designs.

Canva is currently in beta but it only took a few hours for my invite to show up in my inbox.  I highly recommend jumping over there and signing up now.


Wordflex logoWordflex – This one is for all of the writers out there… or really, anyone who has struggled to find just the right word.

Wordflex screenshot

Though a bit expensive for an app ($11.99 on iOS), Wordflex has come to my rescue more than once.

Technically this is a “touch dictionary” but think of it as a thesaurus with rocket boosters.  All you do is type in a word and it literally floats to the surface.  Touch the word and branches sprout with all of of its common synonyms.

I’ve used this app numerous times when I couldn’t quite put my finger on the right word for a situation.  In fact, I’ve actually used the app to come up with branding ideas as well.  Simply type in a concept you  like (example: “concentric”) and watch the ideas start to blossom.


Thinglink interactive imagesThingLink – This one is all about the interactive content.

ThingLink allows you to upload an image and then add interactive spots to the image.  You can then embed the image or share it across various social platforms.  This is a great option for organizations that tend to have image-based content.

Now you don’t have to worry that viewers will ignore the caption accompanying the image.  These graphics just beg to be clicked.

These are just a few of the new marketing  tools that are changing the landscape.  For a few more of our favorites, check out our post Best Marketing Tech of Q1 2013.

If you have other tools or companies that should be added to the list please share in the comments and I’ll be certain to include them.

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