Best Research Tools To Understand Your Audience

Research tools to help you understand your audienceWe’ve talked about why audience research is so important, now let’s check out the research tools that can save you time and effort.

Remember, when researching your audience you want to answer the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

  • Who… are they following? are they interacting with?
  • What… are they talking about? are they asking questions about?
  • When… are they talking (time of day, season, etc.)?
  • Where… are they talking (platforms, networks etc.)?
  • Why… are these topics important to them?

Here are some of our team’s favorite research tools to answer these questions:


Our post “5 Free Tools To Find Out Who Your Audience Follows” is a great starting point to answering the question “Who?”

Some of the best tools to find influencers include:


Questions: What are our audience members talking about?  What questions are they asking?  What are their challenges?

Some of these resources, like your customer service and sales team, already exist within your organization. The key is tapping into their knowledge.  For the internal resources, we’ve added links to templates that you can share with your teams to gather their insights.

Tools to find answers:


Questions: When is our audience having conversations?  What time of day? What time of year? Are they discussing certain topics during certain seasons? What are the industry cycles?

Tools to find answers:


Questions: Where is our audience? Where are the holding discussions?

The answers to these questions are twofold.  One, where is our audience right now? Where will they be in the future?  Tools like Mention, IFTTT and Exact Target will tell you where your audience is right now, while resources like botanist and Product Hunt will show you the platforms of the future.

Tools to find answers:


Questions: Why are these topics important to them? Why are they choosing these platforms/formats/experts?

Tools to find answers:

These are some of our favorite research tools, what are yours? Share them in the comments below.

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