5 Areas To Help You Measure Your Website’s ROI

A big thanks to our partners at EDUCO Web Design for this guest post teaching us where to find ROI on our site.  Nobody needs a website. That statement might be a little upsetting at first, but the reality is that businesses have existed long before websites, and they'll be around after websites, too. People and businesses don't need websites - they want websites. Because you can do so much with … [Read more...]

Creating Content: Your Options

There is no getting around it: if you want the benefits of content marketing, you have to create the content. As one of my favorite marketers (Shelly Kramer) once said "Content marketing is hard."  One of the hardest parts is actually creating  content. Note: When we say "creating" content we mean - writing, designing, recording, presenting, assembling etc. The phrase "creating" covers all … [Read more...]

How to Define a Content Marketing Objective

You can't measure the ROI of content marketing if you don't have a clear content marketing objective. In our work with clients we've found the process of defining a marketing objective is one of the most critical but overlooked steps in the process of measuring ROI.  That's why we've developed an exercise that allows brands to establish a SMART goal for their content. SMART is an acronym … [Read more...]

How to Beat Facebook Reach Problems

Facebook has been clear: the organic reach of your posts could drop down to nothing, and it could happen soon.In fact a study by [email protected] revealed organic reach for large pages drop to just 2% this past February. So how can businesses overcome this reach problem and actually connect with their audience on Facebook?   Katy Lynch, Founder & President of social media agency, … [Read more...]

Marketing With Near Field Communication: Why QR codes didn’t work

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is changing the way we receive information, which means it is changing the way we market. When QR codes emerged, marketers were excited for the prospect of turning stand-alone interactions, like billboards, magazine ads or a brochure, into a opportunity to interact with a potential customer.  But then there was the pesky fact that someone had to download a QR … [Read more...]

Marketing Data and Instinct: How to use data without losing your instinct

Proof has always been the tough part for marketers.  How can you prove that a marketing campaign is working?  How can you prove that your idea for a campaign will be successful?  Tapping into digital marketing data would seem to be a logical answer. But now, a new study by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) suggests that even with the advent of digital marketing data, Google analytics and the … [Read more...]

Why I’m Glad To Be Leaving My 20s: Am I Doing It Wrong?

You only get to live your 20s once.  I spent a good portion of it worried that I was somehow doing it wrong. All my life I've been keenly aware that you don't get do-overs.  This has left me wondering about my life choices and whether I was spending my time in the best way possible.  After all, I'm not getting that time back. At 22 I worried that when I chose to move to the middle of … [Read more...]

Facebook Advertising Ruling Could Have Broad Implications

Facebook advertising could be facing a serious change in the way organizations approach their platform.  A ruling earlier this week by the Advertising Standards Board in Australia has stated that the content on an organization's Facebook page amounts to advertising - including content posted by members of the public. This means that any organization with a Facebook page would be required to … [Read more...]

Facebook’s New Ad Options

Earlier today I was on BuzzFeed, checking out the live Shiba Inu cam (seriously, how can you resist?) when I noticed something odd about one of the sponsored posts.  It had a "Share" Facebook button on the ad.  Facebook's new ad iteration is here. When you click on the button, you get a window that allows you to share that ad on Facebook.  This is the first time that Facebook has integrated to … [Read more...]


Microsoft's foray into social popped into my inbox this afternoon.  Based on the video, So.cl looks like an alternative to Google+, framed around Bing, it allows you to share your search with others, hold video chats, and other social activities (i.e. activity feeds, sharing etc. etc.). Only problem?  There already seem to be some glitches.  So.cl came to me via invite, but when I tried to log … [Read more...]