5 Areas To Help You Measure Your Website’s ROI

A big thanks to our partners at EDUCO Web Design for this guest post teaching us where to find ROI on our site.  Nobody needs a website. That statement might be a little upsetting at first, but the reality is that businesses have existed long before websites, and they'll be around after websites, too. People and businesses don't need websites - they want websites. Because you can do so much with … [Read more...]

How to Define a Content Marketing Objective

You can't measure the ROI of content marketing if you don't have a clear content marketing objective. In our work with clients we've found the process of defining a marketing objective is one of the most critical but overlooked steps in the process of measuring ROI.  That's why we've developed an exercise that allows brands to establish a SMART goal for their content. SMART is an acronym … [Read more...]

Google Analytics Dashboards & Shortcuts To Measure Content

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure content but it can be difficult to navigate the data.  Dashboards and shortcuts to reports are a very easy way to access just the data you need. Rather than make you re-invent the wheel, we've gathered together the best dashboards & reports to measure content from around the web in one place. Because Google allows for easy sharing of these … [Read more...]

Content Analytics: The Newest Tools

Results can't improve if the efforts aren't being measured.  This is why content analytics play such a pivotal role in a content marketing strategy.  Plan, create, distribute, measure and then adjust as needed. We've rounded up some of the best new tools that can be used to measure the effectiveness of content. In no particular order... Informly - Targeted specifically towards content … [Read more...]

3 Overrated Google Analytics Tools

Google analytics can be an incredible source of information but there is an overwhelming amount of data available to users. To help you weed out the noise and unnecessary information, I sat down with James Ellis, author of Google Analytics for Small Business and got his opinions on what he thinks are the most overrated Google Analytics tools. I give you, in order of overrated-ness, the tools … [Read more...]

Hiring Analytics Help – What to look for

Last week we talked about red flags that may indicate you need help with your analytics.  Today, I talked with James Ellis, author of Google Analytics for Small Businesses, to get his input on what you should look for in a professional when you are hiring analytics help.  Here are his top pointers: The Good: - They ask a lot of questions about your business. "Find someone who is instantly … [Read more...]

Signs You Need Analytics Help

When it comes to analytics you can go one of two ways - handle it yourself or bring in a professional to provide analytics help and guidance. For small business owners, it is always good to start off managing your own analytics, but there may come a time when you hit your limit in terms of time and knowledge. The question becomes, how can you tell when you hit the tipping point and it is … [Read more...]

Comments Are Overrated

I'll say it - comments are overrated.  It's not the most popular idea, many people think comments on blogs are a big part of measuring reader engagement and boosting your SEO efforts.  But I think focusing on comments overlooks an important segment of readers - the passive readers.  There may be more of them than you think. Take a moment and think about how often you've commented on a blog post … [Read more...]

Don’t Fear The Auditor: Creating a positive marketing audit experience

It's tax day and everyone is fearing one thing - the auditor.  But marketers should embrace April 15th as a reminder that marketing audits are a critical component of their strategy.  The question is - are you using the right auditor? There is a reason tax auditors are objective 3rd parties - and the people doing your marketing audit should be too.  No one can objectively evaluate their own … [Read more...]