Free Tools You Can Use To Beat Writer’s Block

There are 3 tools that I use every time I have writer's block and need to come up with a new content idea: Keyword list Google Trends Title Generators Here is how I put these simple, free tools to work. Keyword List A keyword list is my go-to tool for content ideas.  It is the launching point of any new content. A standard keyword list is a good place to start, if you don't have … [Read more...]

Top Blogging Tools

Having the right tools in place makes any job faster and more efficient, that's why I'm sharing my top blogging tools.  These help me create better content, find the right words, and stay focused on the task at hand. Here are the top blogging tools I use every time I write a post: Wordpress - Like millions of others, our blog is built on Wordpress.  Of all the platforms our team has tried, … [Read more...]

My Blog Writing Process And Why It Works

The blog writing process is different for everyone, you have to find what works best to get your creative juices flowing.  But in my time writing, I've also picked up a few tools and processes that can work well for any writers. Here is my step-by-step blog writing process, and why I chose to incorporate these steps into my writing. Step 1 Wake up, do yoga & meditate. Meditation and … [Read more...]

Hiring a Content Marketer

Hiring a content marketer raises lots of questions. What is your ultimate goal for this role? How will they fit into your organization? What kind of professional experience should you look for in a candidate? We'll break down for you how to write your content marketer job description, what you should look for in a candidate, and sample content marketer salaries. If you are reading this post, … [Read more...]

Creating Content: Your Options

There is no getting around it: if you want the benefits of content marketing, you have to create the content. As one of my favorite marketers (Shelly Kramer) once said "Content marketing is hard."  One of the hardest parts is actually creating  content. Note: When we say "creating" content we mean - writing, designing, recording, presenting, assembling etc. The phrase "creating" covers all … [Read more...]

Content Title Generators: Tool or crutch?

Content title generators have become every content marketer's secret weapon, but I'm torn. When you're called upon to write dozens and dozens of posts on a topic, even the most passionate of writers can hit writers block from time to time.  Content title generators can help overcome this by creating a slew of titles and topics based around a keyword. While these tools can inspire new ideas … [Read more...]

“Hire” A Guest Blogger

Guest blogging can be a great way to provide your audience with engaging content, while building relationships with experts in your community. But finding the right guest blogger can be a challenge. Guest blogging is like hiring a new team member. After all, you are trusting this person to represent your company online, that shouldn't be a role that is handed to just anyone. We … [Read more...]

3 Tricks That Will Focus Your Content Marketing Message

This post is courtesy guest author Jake Parent, CEO of Learn To Be Heard.  To learn more about guest blogging opportunities please complete our guest blogger form. At its core, content marketing is about helping your customers solve problems. Unfortunately, far too many marketers get stuck trying to be everything for everyone. The logic of course is understandable: the more people you can … [Read more...]

The Content Creation Process: Ideation

Now that you've kicked off the content creation process by doing your research, how do you turn this information into a conversation starter?  This is where ideation comes into play. I've borrowed the "ideation" term from my friends in the user experience (UX) industry for a very specific reason. I've always found that content marketing and UX work tend to run parallel to each other, both … [Read more...]

The Content Creation Process: Research

Content creation is an involved process.  Jay Baer uses an average of 3 hours as a guide for how long it takes to research, write, and edit a blog post.  The important part of that is that there is more to writing a good blog post than just writing. Building good content takes time and in order to do it properly, you should have a process in place that you follow. Here are Concentric Content … [Read more...]