25 IFTTT Content Distribution Recipes

  If This Then That or IFTTT is one of my favorite tools to create simple automated content distribution recipes. Pronounced like "gift" with out the "g", IFTTT is an aptly named app.  Whenever one action occurs, the IFTTT recipes will trigger another action.  For example: IF I publish a Wordpress post, THEN post a link to my company's Facebook page. With 164 channels ranging from … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Pins for Pinterest Search

The time has finally come to learn how to optimize pins for search. Today Pinterest announced a change to their search that most had been expecting - guided search. People have increasingly turned to search engines to gather information.  Over 73% of Americans use search engines, and over half of us use a search engine every day (source). It's no surprise that as Pinterest has grown as a … [Read more...]

How to Beat Facebook Reach Problems

Facebook has been clear: the organic reach of your posts could drop down to nothing, and it could happen soon.In fact a study by [email protected] revealed organic reach for large pages drop to just 2% this past February. So how can businesses overcome this reach problem and actually connect with their audience on Facebook?   Katy Lynch, Founder & President of social media agency, … [Read more...]

Marketing With iBeacon: A Primer

iBeacon from Apple will completely change the way brick and mortar stores interact with customers.   Marketers need to be prepared for this quickly approaching change. To get you started we've put together this primer on what iBeacon is and how to prepare for marketing with iBeacon. What is iBeacon? iBeacon is an indoor positioning system with push notifications.  Essentially, the … [Read more...]

Pinterest’s Rich Pins For Articles And What It Means For Content Marketers

Pinterest announced today that they will be offering rich pins for articles.  The new pins will include the headline, author, story description, and a link. So what does this mean for content marketers?  Well, there are a few straightforward implications but it also raises a few questions. Pinterest is now more content-friendly. Previously Pinterest was a no-brainer for B2C product-based … [Read more...]

One Thing All Holiday 2013 Marketing Plans Should Have In Common

It may be September but for retailers and ecommerce groups, the Holiday 2013 marketing planning started weeks ago.  A new study released earlier this week by Shoppertrak forecasts less growth during the 2013 holiday spending season. The study predicted a rise in sales of only 2.4% in November and December, compared to increases of 3% in 2012, 4% in 2011 and 3.8% in 2010. But one area that IS … [Read more...]

8 Content Distribution Channels That Increase Traffic

Content distribution options are growing every day.  With the death of Google Reader, dozens of new content curation apps are popping up to take its place. Those curation apps mean more opportunities for your content to reach your audience, but they also mean further segmentation of the audience. That is why it is important to not only know where your audience is, but also know which … [Read more...]

Distributing Content Through SMS

Distributing content is a critical step in a content marketing strategy.  Finding the best ways to connect with your audience can make or break your relationship. We've explored other content distribution channels before but today I'd like to explore sharing content through SMS (short messaging service - aka text message). First, as with anything in marketing, organizations should ask if … [Read more...]

Best Marketing Tech of Q1 2013

The year is already starting out with a bang for marketers.  Content marketing is having its moment in the spotlight and technology is making it easier than ever to create, consume and share quality content. As someone who loves to try out new tools, I've compiled a list of the best marketing tech of Q1 of 2013.  These tools have made my life easier and helped me communicate … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Audience

One of the things that I've struggled with as a marketer is finding my audience.  What sites do they visit regularly?  Where are they getting their information?  How can I better deliver my content to the right audience? This is a common issue for marketers, particularly as technology evolves and new platforms emerge.  But it getting your content in the hands of the target audience is a … [Read more...]