Real-Time Marketing and the World Cup

Real-time marketing has taken the field in the World Cup, with some brands scoring big, while others face serious penalties.  Considering the World Cup has an expected audience of 3.6 billion (Hubspot), it's no surprise that brands want to get in on the games, and get in front of fans. But with limited commercial and sponsorship spots available, real-time marketing has become the darling of … [Read more...]

8 Brilliant Nondigital Content Marketing Examples: Sidewalk Signs

Content marketing isn't restricted to digital channels.  Sure, it's easier to measure the results of digital than nondigital content marketing efforts, but good content marketing isn't about what is easier to measure, it is about what the audience prefers.  Finding the right distribution channel for your audience is an important step in a content strategy.  As some businesses have learned, … [Read more...]

Dangerous Content Marketing: It’s a fine line between disruptive and disturbing

Dangerous content marketing seems almost laughable. After all, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me," right? Wrong. Words can be incredibly powerful - 58% of consumers trust editorial content (source). But unlike editorial content published by newspapers and reputable journalism outlets, there is no code of ethics for blogging. **It's funny I was writing this … [Read more...]

The Bad and The Ugly of User Generated Content

Earlier this week we explore "The Good" of user generated content efforts.  Today we're taking a look at "The Bad and The Ugly" to complete our user generated content trifecta. The Bad American Eagle American Eagle User generated contentAE's Rock Your Walk was a good attempt at user generated content, but it just hasn't been well executed. Lets start with the map they use. Apparently … [Read more...]

User Generated Content: The Good

User generated content is a wonderful way to get your audience engaged, learn more about your audience and gather new content.  Of course, when you're asking users to generate content, you always run the risk of things getting a bit... ugly. We took a look at some of the most memorable examples of user generated content and gathered our favorite examples of the good, the bad and the ugly. … [Read more...]

Content Types & Tactics Your Audience is Sick Of Seeing

Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, but some content types and tactics seem to be more popular than others. If you follow the same tactics as everyone else, your content will turn into social media white noise. We did an informal survey and found that the following content types and strategies were a source of annoyance for many. • Inspiring quotes This article titled … [Read more...]

Content Examples: Don’t talk about skirt length

Sunday the Content Marketing Institute enewsletter arrived in my inbox with a content example that intially sparked my interest and after some reading, prompted this post about the importance of knowing your audience. The title was Creating Content: How Much Is Too Much?  I immediately clicked through. This is a question I've asked myself and I was hoping to find information on whether others … [Read more...]

5 Examples of Great Marketing in Education

Marketing on behalf of an educational institute can be tough.  There is an incredible amount of information that students, parents and faculty need from a school. But by following these examples of great marketing in education, marketers can not only provide the right information to the right audience member, but they can also achieve higher levels of engagement. University of Chicago - The … [Read more...]

Arrested Development’s Fans Are Insanely Good At Marketing

Arrested Development tanked with critics and some fans.  Netflix stock slumped following the release of the series reboot. Why would you want to emulate the marketing of something that performed so poorly? Because according to viewing stats from one DSL network, 36% of devices watching Netflix on Sunday watched at least part of one episode of "Arrested Development". Another network reported a … [Read more...]