My Blog Writing Process And Why It Works

The blog writing process is different for everyone, you have to find what works best to get your creative juices flowing.  But in my time writing, I've also picked up a few tools and processes that can work well for any writers. Here is my step-by-step blog writing process, and why I chose to incorporate these steps into my writing. Step 1 Wake up, do yoga & meditate. Meditation and … [Read more...]

Marketing Skills I Learned In the Newsroom

I started my career in a TV newsroom as a news producer.  I loved the years I spent in journalism but eventually moved to marketing in order to spend time on longer-term projects. What surprised me is just how many of the skills I learned in the newsroom have been directly applicable in my marketing life. Here are just a few of those skill sets, and all good reasons why former journalists make … [Read more...]

Why I Left Journalism for Marketing

Note from the author: I don't often write pieces that are just about me.  My goal with this blog is to help content marketers.   But recently I was asked about my career transition from journalism into marketing and how that has impacted my viewpoint as a marketer.  With a goal of answering that question, and providing both journalists and marketers with some insights into the other's … [Read more...]

5 Areas To Help You Measure Your Website’s ROI

A big thanks to our partners at EDUCO Web Design for this guest post teaching us where to find ROI on our site.  Nobody needs a website. That statement might be a little upsetting at first, but the reality is that businesses have existed long before websites, and they'll be around after websites, too. People and businesses don't need websites - they want websites. Because you can do so much with … [Read more...]

Hiring a Content Marketer

Hiring a content marketer raises lots of questions. What is your ultimate goal for this role? How will they fit into your organization? What kind of professional experience should you look for in a candidate? We'll break down for you how to write your content marketer job description, what you should look for in a candidate, and sample content marketer salaries. If you are reading this post, … [Read more...]

Marketers: Steal These Things From Your Design Team

Marketers, there is an untapped resource in your organization: your design and development team. These guys have been spending their time researching, evaluating, and understanding your audience, your brand, and your market.  The question is - have you seen their findings? If not, you need to sneak down there right now and do some file copying immediately.  You can even listen to this song … [Read more...]

Creating Content: Your Options

There is no getting around it: if you want the benefits of content marketing, you have to create the content. As one of my favorite marketers (Shelly Kramer) once said "Content marketing is hard."  One of the hardest parts is actually creating  content. Note: When we say "creating" content we mean - writing, designing, recording, presenting, assembling etc. The phrase "creating" covers all … [Read more...]

How to Define a Content Marketing Objective

You can't measure the ROI of content marketing if you don't have a clear content marketing objective. In our work with clients we've found the process of defining a marketing objective is one of the most critical but overlooked steps in the process of measuring ROI.  That's why we've developed an exercise that allows brands to establish a SMART goal for their content. SMART is an acronym … [Read more...]

The Way We Create Audience Personas Is Wrong

The way marketers currently build target audience personas is wrong. We create personas with a goal of better understanding our audience so that we can deliver better information, build relationships and help them understand how our brand can provide them with value. But the way marketers currently create target audience personas doesn't help us achieve that goal because those personas force … [Read more...]