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We love seeing great content in action so we’re taking time every month to highlight our favorite examples of content marketing.

Content Marketing Examples Spin Sucks




Who/What: Spin Sucks.  A product of marketing communication firm Arment Dietrich.

Why they’re awesome: As you may have picked up from the title, Spin Sucks pulls no punches.  The site, and all of its contributors tell it like it is.

Someone recently asked me for recommendations of content marketing that wasn’t too “promotional” and this site immediately popped into my head.

Like a good teacher, the team behind Spin Sucks doesn’t shy away from mistakes. Instead they share those experiences, using them as learning experiences for themselves and their audience, even when those mistakes are their own.  If you want to know what raw, honest content looks like, read this post by Gini Dietrich titled “When a Leader Learns of Unethical Behavior‘.

At a time when lots of companies are creating thinly veiled sales pitches and calling it “content marketing”, Spin Sucks is a refreshing break from the B.S.  One might even compare it to a nice glass of gin…

Content examples - FirstRain Business Analytics Blog




Who/What: MarketMine.  A blog by FirstRain, a business analytics firm.

Why they’re awesome: So. Many. Content. Formats. These guys have a blog in which they address industry questions.  Which is a good resource for their customers, and most companies would stop there.  But what set these guys apart to us was that they tried different forms of content.

They have a blog, infographics, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, and more.  We give major credit to companies that take the time to build quality pieces of content in various forms.

The only way you’ll ever know what content format your audience prefers is by testing.  If you need an example of how to test different types of content marketing without overwhelming your customer or hurting your UI, check out FirstRain.

We hope these examples of content marketing give you a  little extra inspiration the next time you’re sitting down to craft your own content.  If not, try one of these.

Do you know a company whose content deserves some extra recognition?  Share the link in the comments below and you may see them highlighted here!

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