Content and the Client – Keeping the spark alive

Content marketing loveThis post is part of the Content and the Client series, exploring the ways that content can help build a better client relationship, using a dating analogy to demonstrate the importance of staying in touch.

Communication is a critical skill when it comes to relationships.  In fact, according to the 2011 Job Outlook survey, good communication skills were the most sought after skill sets for employers.

An organization’s content is one of the most effective ways to continually communicate with clients, employees and partners. Generating and distributing original content helps keep your relationship alive by promoting a conversation.

In particular, there are 3 core benefits to starting a conversation and building a relationship through content:

1. Customers won’t feel ignored.  A Forrester survey showed only 37% of organizations provided good or “excellent” service.  This means most groups leave their customers feel that they have not gotten good service, and that can have a bigger impact than expected.

A recent neuromarketing article dissected what happens when customers feel ignored (even if it is all in their head) – it triggers the pain center of the brain.  But research shows, even an automated system can help improve a customer’s perception of service.  Try using a newsletter or regular email to connect with customers.

sold via content stat2. Customers are OK with an organization selling to them.  77% of people understand that an organization’s goal of developing and sharing custom content is to sell them something – and they are OK with it, as long as the custom is of value to them (Source: CCC).

Content is a great opportunity to provide something of value to customers while in exchange, sharing information about a service or product.

3. New experiences build relationships.  Enjoying new or challenging experiences together has been shown to grow a relationship (Source).  Apply that to business relationships by connecting in a different way.

If a customer is usually someone who engages via a website, invite them to an event.  Alternately, try connecting with in-person customers on social media platforms.

Not sure whether your organization is communicating effectively with your clients?  Contact us today for a complimentary content marketing evaluation.

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