The 5 Stage Content Marketing Process

The content marketing process is the cycle marketers use to execute on their content strategy and achieve their content marketing goals. It is a process made up of 5 distinct stages: Research, Ideation/Planning, Creation, Connection, and Measurement. Let's take a closer look at the phases of the content process: 1. Research The purpose of the research stage is to understand your … [Read more...]

Editorial Calendar Solutions

When selecting a tool to build and maintain your editorial calendar there are a few things to take into account.  First, do you have a team collaborating on this calendar? If not, a good old-fashioned spreadsheet is a great options. If you are sharing the calendar with a team, does everyone need to edit the calendar?  If you have multiple people working on a calendar, an app would be a good … [Read more...]

Content Questions: Turning Down a Guest Blogger

Have a content question?  Submit a query and get advice from leading content marketers as part of our monthly series. Q:  How do I tactfully turn down a bad guest blogger? I host a blog that I'm pretty proud of - we get solid traffic and we are reasonably well-known in our industry.  I get lots of requests from people who want to write a guest post on my blog. I have a screening process … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Events You Need to Attend in 2015

What: Content Marketing World When: Sept 8-11 Why it's worth attending: CMWorld is the big kahuna of content marketing events.  With over 80 sessions, you are pretty much guaranteed that there will be a session that speaks to your content challenges.  Plus, this has turned into the annual be-seen event of the year for content marketers.  Book now. What: Confab When: There are a few … [Read more...]

Visual Content Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

Visual content is compelling.  We know that it grabs attention, it converts, and it is memorable. There are lots of great visual content tools out there, but there may be a few you have missed. Here are some of our favorite under-the-radar tools to create stunning content: Silk for Journalism bills items as an all-purpose tool for data journalism. All you do is upload your … [Read more...]

Free Tools You Can Use To Beat Writer’s Block

There are 3 tools that I use every time I have writer's block and need to come up with a new content idea: Keyword list Google Trends Title Generators Here is how I put these simple, free tools to work. Keyword List A keyword list is my go-to tool for content ideas.  It is the launching point of any new content. A standard keyword list is a good place to start, if you don't have … [Read more...]

How to Create A Keyword List: A Step-by-Step Guide

A keyword list is a list of words that you want to target with your marketing. You may be targeting these words so that you show up on search result pages when someone searches for this keyword, or the list may be words you want to use in your marketing because they resonate with your audience. No matter what the ultimate goal of your keyword list, it is an important tool to have on … [Read more...]

Best Research Tools To Understand Your Audience

We've talked about why audience research is so important, now let's check out the research tools that can save you time and effort. Remember, when researching your audience you want to answer the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Who... are they following? are they interacting with? What... are they talking about? are they asking questions about? When... are they talking (time of … [Read more...]

[TEMPLATES] Get Content Ideas From Sales & Customer Service

One of my favorite places to get content ideas is the sales and customer service teams. These guys spend all day talking with current and potential customers.  They have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening with your audience. In particular, the questions that these guys hear are the key to your audience's challenges. If you can get these teams to keep track of the questions they … [Read more...]

Tools To Help You Calculate ROI of Your Content Marketing

If you need to calculate ROI, there is a simple formula you can follow: Total Revenue - Total Expenses = Return on Investment But when it comes to content marketing, it can be difficult to tie your work directly to revenue numbers.  That is why we've gathered the best tools on the web to help you demonstrate return, share your insights, and plan your marketing budget. Calculate Your … [Read more...]