Content Marketing Events You Need to Attend in 2015

Content marketing events you should attend in 2015

Content Marketing World
When: Sept 8-11
Why it’s worth attending: CMWorld is the big kahuna of content marketing events.  With over 80 sessions, you are pretty much guaranteed that there will be a session that speaks to your content challenges.  Plus, this has turned into the annual be-seen event of the year for content marketers.  Book now.

Confab event
What: Confab
When: There are a few Confab events, here is the schedule:
Central May 20-22
Intensive Aug 31-Sep 2
Higher Ed Nov 4-6
Why it’s worth attending: Strategy, strategy, strategy.  This conference is focused on one thing only: strategy.  They’ve got strategy in all different flavors from 101 to governance.

Lavacon conference
What: Lavacon
When: Oct 18-21
Why it’s worth attending: If you’re responsible for managing content – this is the event for you.  This conference is dedicated to talking about planning, organizing, and managing content.  Topics include resource planning, migrating legacy content, and managing deadlines.  This digs into the nitty-gritty of day to day content marketing and doesn’t pull any punches.

Content Jam

When: September 24
Why it’s worth attending: As a Chicago-an, Content Jam is near and dear to my heart.  This is a one-day Chicago event that draws in the best talent from the Midwest to share their insights on content strategy, creation, promotion, measurement, and conversion.

Traction conference
What: Traction
When: June 18
Why it’s worth attending: Canada’s gathering of growth experts boasts a great lineup for this year.  Some of my favorite content brands will be in attendance talking about growth hacking like KISSmetrics, Hubspot, Marketo, Twilio, and Zillow to name a few.

 ThinkContent summit
When: May 14
Why it’s worth attending: This one-day content marketing summit is hosted by NewsCred. The speaker lineup includes the names of brands that really understand content like BuzzFeed and Virgin.  No agenda for 2015 yet, but the 2014 buzz is still going and NewsCred did a great job getting people psyched for 2015 at SXSW.


When: April 13-16
Why it’s worth attending: NMX is for content creators.  It has sessions on blogging, podcasting, web video, and content marketing.  If you want to explore a new type of content, this event has everything you get started and optimize your work.  The site boasts that almost 100,000 content creators attended the 2014 event.

What events are we missing?  Share your must-attend events in the comments below.

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