Content Marketing Strategy

Concentric Content Marketing will help your organization better understand your target audience through research and client interviews. Based on this data our team will craft tools like target audience personas and a distribution strategy.  These tools will give your team a clear plan to start a productive conversation with your audience.

Depending on your needs, a content marketing strategy may include:

  1. Content Audit – Qualitative/heuristic review of content on brand’s site including task orientation, navigation, page layout/design, credibility, content quality.
  2. 3-7 target audience personas – Each persona will focus on a different audience member and will outline personal and professional needs.  Personas also include suggestions on how your brand can fulfill audience needs along with what messages and channels are best for reaching audience members.  Note: Audiences vary from brand to brand.  The number of personas you need is unique to your audience.
  3. Content distribution strategy – This distribution strategy builds upon audience personas, their preferred channels, and clear content creation templates.  This template allows for internal execution of targeted content distribution.
  4. Editorial Calendar – We will help your team build a quarterly editorial calendar that provides content topics segmented by target audience and keywords.

Once the strategy is complete, the Concentric Content Marketing team remains available to you for additional consulting as needed.

Content marketing strategies start at $2,999 – pricing varies based on the organization’s needs. To get a personalized quote, contact us today.

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