Content Marketing Team

Do you have the right skill sets on your content marketing team?  Your content goes beyond strategy.  Having the right team and skill sets in place is critical to achieving your goals.

Concentric Content Marketing will help your organization build the best content marketing team for your needs.

Services we provide include:

  1. Content Process – We’ll work with you to construct a content marketing process to meet your needs.  Together we will build a content workflow and team roles that empower your team members .
  2. Hiring – Should you hire a copywriter with some data analysis skills or a data analyst?  What roles should you fill first?  We will help you answer these questions and build a hiring strategy for the future.
  3. Training - Once you have the best team members in place, ongoing training will keep them at the top of their game.  Our training sessions to give your team the information they need to be successful.

Content marketing team consultation starts at $5,999.  Training sessions start at $699. – pricing varies based on the organization’s needs. To get a personalized quote, contact us today.

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