Editorial Calendar Solutions

Editorial Calendar Solutions

When selecting a tool to build and maintain your editorial calendar there are a few things to take into account.  First, do you have a team collaborating on this calendar? If not, a good old-fashioned spreadsheet is a great options.

If you are sharing the calendar with a team, does everyone need to edit the calendar?  If you have multiple people working on a calendar, an app would be a good solution for version control.

Secondly, does your CMS have an editorial calendar function or plug-in?  The CMS Editorial Calendars section will point you towards some great plug-ins that you can explore.

Finally, are you in the market for more than just an editorial calendar?  If so, check out the editorial calendar PLUS section.


Putting together an editorial calendar spreadsheet is fairly easy, but there are also plenty of great free templates out there so I’d recommend saving yourself the trouble of building one and instead check out these links:


Using an app for your editorial calendar provides flexibility of access and some version control.  That makes these apps the best option for teams looking to bootstrap their content.


Tracky is one of those great tools that flies under the radar.

It is a simple collaboration platform, and pricing is based on storage.  The system integrates directly with Google apps, so that makes calendar management even easier.

Here is a link to a post on how to use Tracky for your social media editorial calendar.

Trello logoTrello

Trello is a free organization platform that is built around collaborative “boards”.

The tool is incredible flexible and using it for your calendar is just one way to put Trello to work for your content team.  The platform also works as a project management tool, a workflow solution, and a collaboration platform.

Here is a link to their post on how to use this tool as an editorial calendar.

CMS Editorial Calendars

These solutions are all tied to an existing CMS platform.  That integration allows for added features like creating and scheduling social sharing content at the time of post publication.


CoSchedule is a standout solution that really simplifies WordPress publishing.  If you manage a publication platform, or have a lot of different bloggers, I highly recommend this platform.

The solution simplifies not only the editorial calendar work, but also the assignment of tasks and the subsequent social sharing.

This is absolutely the best tool for any serious WordPress publishers.

Wordpress Editorial Calendar PluginWordPress Editorial Calendar

This is the most straightforward, no-frills WordPress editorial calendar tool.

This solution lives directly in your WordPress dashboard and allows for easy drag-and-drop functionality when planning posts.

It allows for easy management of multiple editors on your WordPress site and you can quickly get a view of what is happening when on your blog.

Editorial Calendars PLUS

hubspot sprocket logoHubspot

Hubspot is a sales and marketing platform that is growing every day.  The platform has some incredibly robust tools but also prides itself on being flexible enough that small businesses can take advantage of its offerings as well.

They provide fantastic free content like an editorial calendar template, but their calendar functionality within the platform itself requires that you use their CMS.

Marketing ai logoMarketing.Ai

Marketing.Ai bills itself as content marketing software and framework.  The solution is focused on managing content assets, strategy, and workflow.

As part of that workflow, the platform also provides support for building an editorial calendar.

For more info, check out the Marketing.Ai use case that explores editorial calendar functionality.

Kapost iconKapost

Kapost is a content marketing platform that provides software to support your content marketing efforts.

Among the features is a great editorial calendar tool.  But beyond just scheduling the content, there is a collaborative creation space for content creation as well as integration with WordPress, Eloqua, and Salesforce to name a few.

What are your favorite calendar tools?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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