Facebook’s New Ad Options

From Buzzfeed.com

Earlier today I was on BuzzFeed, checking out the live Shiba Inu cam (seriously, how can you resist?) when I noticed something odd about one of the sponsored posts.  It had a “Share” Facebook button on the ad.  Facebook’s new ad iteration is here.

When you click on the button, you get a window that allows you to share that ad on Facebook.  This is the first time that Facebook has integrated to allow that kind of external advertising to be shared on it the site.

I’m not the only one who caught wind of this – Mashable noticed as well and reached out to BuzzFeed, who told them to talk to Facebook.  The official word from Facebook is that they are testing out some new options with select Marketing partners.

What is interesting about this is that this could be an entirely new way for Facebook to drive revenue.  BuzzFeed is known for its viral content.  Content is created by users (crowdsourced if you will) and the more viral, the higher up it appears (like Reddit).

This kind of virility is what Facebook thrives upon.  Except this time they’re opening their advertising doors to other partners – in this case looping BuzzFeed into the mix, rather than just straight advertising with Hidden Valley.

This could be a great opportunity for marketers because the ads aren’t sharable within Facebook, other viewers would have to click on the shared link, going back to the original content, to share it themselves.  Facebook becomes the medium for delivering the content.  Imagine it as if you are watching TV and you see your favorite character using  Hidden Valley dressing.  In this case, BuzzFeed is the character, Hidden Valley is, well, Hidden Valley, and Facebook is the TV itself.

Welcome to the next generation of content distribution.


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