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Marketing Tools I Love
Marketing Tools I Love

Infographics are a great way to share information, but it can be time consuming and expensive to build them yourself.  That is why I’ve put together this list of my favorite free infographic tools to help you build visually engaging content.

Quick disclaimer: if you want to use an infographic as part of a major marketing push, I would highly recommend investing in a trusted graphic artist who can build one to your specifications.  The tools below are more for quick, easy graphics that help make your point.  A number of these tools also have paid versions so check those options out as well.

After trying out a number of free infographic tools, these were the ones that I found to product the best results and were the easiest to use (for a non-designer like myself).

  1. – This is probably my favorite tool for its flexibility.  Again, it is a free tool so there are some limits to the options but you can upload your datasets to the site, which is really helpful when you’re working with a big set of numbers.  As a reference point, I used it to create this infographic.
  2. – I LOVE the look of visually’s graphics but their options for building free infographics are a bit more limited than  However, this is a great site for building an infographic resume.
  3. PowerPoint – Yep, that PowerPoint, from Microsoft.  This was a great tip that I received from HubSpot.  Click here to check out their template for building an infographic in PowerPoint.  I like to use PowerPoint for more basic graphics, usually images like ven diagrams and customer cycles, that I then use in my blog posts to illustrate my point.  I give a big kudos to Hubspot for pointing out that PowerPoint is a good source for this – I would’ve completely glossed over this use of the software.

Again, these tools were my favorites but there are plenty of options out there, to read more about other tools available check out this post of 20+ tools to create your own infographic, or this piece from SEOMoz called 10 Tools For Creating Infographics and Visualizations.

What are your favorite free tools for creating graphics?


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