“Hire” A Guest Blogger

How to find a guest bloggerGuest blogging can be a great way to provide your audience with engaging content, while building relationships with experts in your community.
But finding the right guest blogger can be a challenge.

Guest blogging is like hiring a new team member.

After all, you are trusting this person to represent your company online, that shouldn’t be a role that is handed to just anyone.

We always recommend that our clients treat the search for a guest blogger the same way they’d treat the hunt for a new team member.

If you simply post a call for guest spots and expect the best and brightest to start rolling in, you’ll be in for a long wait and you’ll have to slog through lots of mediocre offers in the meantime.

Instead, organizations should be proactive. They should seek out writers whose opinions and voice fit with the company’s brand.

In particular we recommend businesses do the following:

• Use an RSS readers and content aggregation tools as a way to gather multiple blogs on a topic. Focus on your industry to pull together the posts currently being written. Who stands out? What leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Take note of what you do and don’t like and why.

• Next, take note of the authors you like and review their previous work and their social profiles. Remember it isn’t just one blog post hut rather they as an individual will be associated with your brand. Make sure they don’t say or do anything that fits any of the red flags you had previously noted.

• Once you have done this research and found a few bloggers you enjoy, reach out to them to request a guest blog post. They may not always have availability but don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations on bloggers they like as well.

By selecting guest bloggers as carefully as you select new hires, you will end up with a quality post that reflects your brand.

Marketers – any tips you would add on how to screen for guest bloggers?

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