Hiring a Content Marketer

Untitled designHiring a content marketer raises lots of questions. What is your ultimate goal for this role? How will they fit into your organization? What kind of professional experience should you look for in a candidate?

We’ll break down for you how to write your content marketer job description, what you should look for in a candidate, and sample content marketer salaries.

If you are reading this post, you’ve already decided that you need to hire a content marketer. But the term “content marketer” is far too broad for you to be able to hire the right fit for your needs. To make sure you’re getting the right candidates,  you need to answer a two questions first.

Question 1: Will your content marketer be a strategist, a producer, or both?

A strategist will be an individual managing the content strategy for your organization or department. Do you as the marketing executive expect to be managing the nuances of this strategy or do you want your content marketer to handle this work?  If you want them to handle it, that means you are looking for a strategist that will delegate content creation.

A producer or creator is someone who actually creates the content your organization will be developing. The form of the content depends on what you audience needs but a content producer or creator could be a copywriter, a graphic designer, or a videographer. If you expect your content marketer to do copywriting or content creation, you need to be clear about that as part of the job description.

Someone who does both strategy and production is a valuable team member. However, putting both strategy and production on the plate of a single team member can be a lot for a single person to handle. If you expect them to manage both, you must be prepared for a low output of content, as they are dividing their time between two roles.

Question 2: How much experience does your content marketer need?

Experience is a bit tricky when it comes to content marketers.  The title “content marketer” is still fairly new, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of experienced content professionals.  They have just used different words in their titles.
To find an experienced content professional, look for words like:
  • Journalist
  • Writer (copywriter, ghost writer, etc.)
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Create (as in “created white papers, creates blog posts)
If you are looking for an entry level content marketer, look for the following:
  • Internships with media companies
  • Marketing internships
  • Communication extracurricular activities (newspaper, yearbook, video production etc.)
Once you’ve answered these two questions you can create a salary range and job description that fits your needs.  For reference, we’ve gathered a few resources for sample salary ranges and job descriptions to help you when hiring a content marketer.
Content Marketer Salary Range Tools:
Content Marketer Job Description Samples:

We hope these questions and these tools make your hiring process a bit easier.  For more ideas on whether your content creation should be handled in-house or by an outsourced team check out this blog and table we created.


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