Marketing With Near Field Communication: Why QR codes didn’t work

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is changing the way we receive information, which means it is changing the way we market.

When QR codes emerged, marketers were excited for the prospect of turning stand-alone interactions, like billboards, magazine ads or a brochure, into a opportunity to interact with a potential customer.  But then there was the pesky fact that someone had to download a QR code reader onto their phone, open the reader, scan the code etc.

That is why NFC will change marketing.  Smartphones are coming equipped with NFC chips and the exchange of information is immediate.

I give Samsung major credit for taking advantage of this technology.  I came across this billboard on a CTA platform and was quite impressed.  You can see at the bottom of the billboard all it takes is 3 steps –

  • Unlock your phone
  • Turning on NFC
  • Hold it up to one of the phone images on the billboard

Now you’ve got free music, videos or news articles.

But why stop at music & articles?  Why not in grocery store aisles?  Ask customers to hold their phone up to a spot on the shelf and they can instantly have recipes.  Or instantly allow people to comparison shop your store with online items – something that more and more customers are doing anyways, so why not enable them and at the same time, allow yourself to compete by showing how purchasing in your store provides additional perks?

As a marketer, I’m very excited about the idea of integrating NFC into more campaigns and I can’t wait for my first chance to try it out.

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