Organizing Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing OrganizationSpring cleaning is a great chance to find new ways to approach and organize your environment, and that goes for your content marketing strategy as well.

Here are some of our favorite free tools to help you get your content strategy cleaned up and organized just in time for summer.

Content Creation Tools

Tracky – This is one of my favorite ways to build a content calendar for my team.  Technically a task management tool, this free program allows users to collaborate based off of “tracks” which can be interwoven into a calendar.  This is the perfect option for building a centralized editorial calendar that allows you to assign tasks to people.  Get it now.

Memofon – This mind-mapping tool is a clean, easy way to keep your content topics organized.  By building a mind map of your core content themes, you can keep everyone on the same page when it comes to brainstorming new topics for discussion.

A Routine – It’s boring but true, creating a routine for your content marketing can help you stay on track and stick to your content creation calendar.  For example, every Monday at CMG is content day – we brew a strong cup of coffee & get creative.  If you make your content an important part of your routine, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and see the results your hard work deserves.

Content Distribution Tools

SproutSocial – For a one-stop distribution shop, it’s worth it to sign up for  a professional social media dashboard like SproutSocial.  Personally I really enjoy their interface and find it easy to use.

Evernote – I actually keep a running checklist of all of the places I like to share various forms of content in Evernote.  It helps me remember that my posts related to free tools for startups reach the right audience on BuiltInChicago but tend to get lost in the fray on Google+.  I have a different note dedicated to each content type and I just work my way down the dedicated distribution platform list.  (If someone has a better suggestion for a tool to help with this – let me know, because I have a nagging feeling I’m doing this the hard way.)

Content Metric Tools – This content aggregation tools gives you daily suggestions of content that may interest you and your audience.  This tool helps you get organized by measuring reactions to your distributed content (including pieces you did NOT share through the tool), allowing you to keep all your important social content metrics in one place.

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery - This site has have saved me SO MUCH TIME.  Just mix and match your solution and the data you’re trying to find and Google will provide you with a shortcut to a dashboard that will pull all the relevant stats for you.  They’re all free, and installation within your Google Analytics just takes a click.

Now that I’ve got my spring cleaning out of the way – what are your favorite tools to get your content marketing organized?



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    Thanks so much for including Tracky in this content marketing post! We’re passionate about workhacks that simplify workflows and make the process of getting things done more collaborative and even – fun! We’ve compiled some of our content marketing and editorial calendar resources in a public track for anyone to access: Cheers!

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    Great article – I look forward to trying out some of these tools that I hadn’t heard of. And I second your suggestion for Sprout Social – it’s my fav!

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      Thanks for the note Pam, and couldn’t agree more re: Sprout Social. Great platform.
      If you have any resources you’d add to the list, let me know, my goal is to grow this over time into a library for fellow marketers.


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