Podcasts to Inspire Content Creativity

Getting inspired can be a challenge, particularly when your job includes being creative on demand (designers, writers, artists etc.).  That’s why whenever I find a resource or tool that spurs creativity I immediately want to share it with my fellow creatives.

Recently I’ve been surprised to find myself inspired more and more by certain podcasts.  Here are a few podcasts that I listen to as part of my blog writing process that really get me thinking.  I hope they help you as well:

99invisible podcast logo99% Invisible - A very well known radio show by Roman Mars on design, this goes well beyond the basics.  They explore “design” in everyday things, like the Cow Tunnels underneath NYC or the statue of Hannah Duston with the cryptic inscription.  Listening to Roman and his producers un-peel the stories layer by layer always prompts questions and connections in my head.

The post “Why I Left Journalism for Marketing” was directly inspired by the passion David Gunn expressed when talking about cleaning up the NYC train cars.  This podcast truly does an incredible job of finding unexpected stories, and getting their audience REALLY excited about something that seems fairly boring, like cleaning graffiti off of train cars.

Unstuckable podcast logoUnstuckable – This podcast focuses on paths to entrepreneurship. In particular it explores how entrepreneurs avoided being stuck, or got themselves unstuck.  Whenever I’m got writers’ block, I listen to this podcast.

Hearing from others who have been stuck helps in 2 ways.  1. I know I’m not alone and 2. the guests always have great stories about how they got unstuck.  Just listening to the stories of others can help me break out of a rut.


Intelligence squared debate podcastNPR: Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Podcast - I love listening to four brilliant people debate intense topics like “Is Death Final?” and “Do Millennials Stand A Chance?”.   Hearing the thought processes behind their mindsets always force me to think in a new way, to approach topics from a new perspective.

When it comes to writing, my goal is to write to help the audience.  The ability to shift perspective is critical to understanding your audience.  This podcast always leaves me feeling curious and excited to ask questions about the way others view the world.

Bullseye podcast logoBullseye with Jesse Thorne - Just like that pop culture class I took in college, this podcast manages to make discussing pop culture sound like a reasonable use of my time.

The show interviews current pop culture creatives (actors, writers, directors etc.) and why pop culture matters.  For example, what is “good” music? How do you define it?  Check out this episode for their thoughts on how to decide whether to give an Oscar to Celine Dion or Elliott Smith.

These are a few of my favorite sources of creative inspiration, writers, do you have any go-to podcasts the always inspire you?

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