“When we came to Concentric Content Marketing, we knew that we needed to do a better job of connecting with our audience, but we couldn’t afford to take our team’s time away from existing projects.  Cate and her team created a clear strategy and actionable steps for communicating with current and potential customers.  Thanks to Concentric Content Marketing’s work we are finally able to take some much needed steps forward in our conversation with our audience.”
- Jim Chastain, Founding Partner

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Brand: Reality Check

Problem Solved: RealityCheck is a trusted brand in market research with decades of experience among their team members, but they were so busy working on projects that they weren’t creating content that demonstrated their expertise to their audience.

Solution: We built their team a content marketing and distribution strategy that allowed their team to create content in a timely and effective manner.  The strategy used existing in-house resources like copywriters and the CMS to build a cost-effective delivery system for their insights.

Results: Our content marketing and distribution strategy allowed the team to connect with both existing and new audience members, increasing leads and renewing existing relationships.


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