Say “Thank You” In Your Own Way

This may be the most brilliant way to say thank you that I have ever seen, and it’s all about jorts (jean shorts for those of you not up on your latest fashion mashups).

This guy Eric’s brother-in-law, Jay, has cancer.  They started a fundraiser on GiveForward to raise money for his out-of-pocket medical expenses.

That’s when this amazingness happened:  JORTS 4 JAY.

Eric thanks his donors by taking various photos of himself wearing jorts, with a special message to the donor.  Everyone in our office went ballistic for this, and it reminds me of an incredibly important lesson – do things in your own way, and people will think it’s rad.

Yes, you should be polite, say “thank you” when someone does something amazing, like donating to your fundraiser, but it doesn’t mean you have to be boring.  Bring your personality to it and people will love it even more, perhaps even as much as they love Eric’s jorts (though I imagine it’s hard to love anything more than this jort-bonanaza).

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