Microsoft’s foray into social popped into my inbox this afternoon.  Based on the video, looks like an alternative to Google+, framed around Bing, it allows you to share your search with others, hold video chats, and other social activities (i.e. activity feeds, sharing etc. etc.).

Only problem?  There already seem to be some glitches. came to me via invite, but when I tried to log in with Facebook (only options for logins are via Facebook or via Windows Live) I came across a bug.  Literally, they put a giant ladybug in the middle of my screen and said “Whoops, look like you’ve found a bug!”

While cute error pages have their place, a failed first-time login isn’t the right place.  Not to be deterred from checking out a new social media toy, I tried to sign in again.

This time it worked, but it told me that I was added to the wait list and would receive an invitation via email.  Which didn’t make much sense to me because I had just been invited.  But again… not to be deterred… I had my boyfriend log in with his account so I could scope it out.

First impressions – I like that it is visually focused – they clearly took some notes from Pinterest.  You select the topics you are interested in and it follows people it considers influential in those topics.  Of course you can follow people you know as well, but as early adopters know… your feed can get pretty lonely.

Anyways, the bottom line is that I toyed around a little and there didn’t seem to be anything particularly ground breaking about  Though to be fair, I technically haven’t gotten past the login.

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