Marketing Data and Instinct: How to use data without losing your instinct

Proof has always been the tough part for marketers.  How can you prove that a marketing campaign is working?  How can you prove that your idea for a campaign will be successful?  Tapping into digital marketing data would seem to be a logical answer. But now, a new study by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) suggests that even with the advent of digital marketing data, Google analytics and the … [Read more...]

Facebook Advertising Ruling Could Have Broad Implications

Facebook advertising could be facing a serious change in the way organizations approach their platform.  A ruling earlier this week by the Advertising Standards Board in Australia has stated that the content on an organization's Facebook page amounts to advertising - including content posted by members of the public. This means that any organization with a Facebook page would be required to … [Read more...]

Facebook Advertising – Why I think GM acted too swiftly

Advertising on Facebook is an interesting animal.  Most people have gotten comfortable with online advertising in certain forms - Google Adwords, banner ads etc.  But advertising on social media is a new beast and not many people know how to handle it. Take GM for example.  Yesterday General Motors announced that they were pulling their ads from Facebook (yes, just a few days before Facebook's … [Read more...]


Wanna be in my inner circle? Google+ is getting lots of buzz (yes that is an underhanded reference to Google Buzz) and I'm excited to have been snuck into the party by the bouncer.  Well maybe not literally, but apparently there IS a way to get people in without having an invite, and if you're nice I might show you how. Either way, I'm in and have to admit it has its charms.   Google+ is … [Read more...]