Marketing Data and Instinct: How to use data without losing your instinct

Proof has always been the tough part for marketers.  How can you prove that a marketing campaign is working?  How can you prove that your idea for a campaign will be successful?  Tapping into digital marketing data would seem to be a logical answer. But now, a new study by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) suggests that even with the advent of digital marketing data, Google analytics and the … [Read more...]

Say “Thank You” In Your Own Way

This may be the most brilliant way to say thank you that I have ever seen, and it's all about jorts (jean shorts for those of you not up on your latest fashion mashups). This guy Eric's brother-in-law, Jay, has cancer.  They started a fundraiser on GiveForward to raise money for his out-of-pocket medical expenses. That's when this amazingness happened:  JORTS 4 JAY. Eric thanks his donors … [Read more...]