[TEMPLATES] Get Content Ideas From Sales & Customer Service

[TEMPLATE] Content IdeasOne of my favorite places to get content ideas is the sales and customer service teams.

These guys spend all day talking with current and potential customers.  They have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening with your audience.

In particular, the questions that these guys hear are the key to your audience’s challenges. If you can get these teams to keep track of the questions they are asked every day, you will automatically have a list of content ideas.

Every question can be turned directly into a topic idea like so:

Sales Question: Why are you guys better than your competitor?

Content Idea: 7 Reasons We are The Best In the Industry

Customer Service Question: How can I tell if my warranty is expired?

Content Idea: 4 Tips To Help You Track Your Warranty

Of course, your sales and customer service teams have their own jobs to handle so it can be tough to ask them to add yet another task to their to-do list.

That is why we’ve created these simple templates that allow them to keep track of the questions they are asked every day.  Just download these templates, share them with your teams, and ask them to take a moment to jot down the questions they hear.

Once a week, stop by their desk and gather these templates from them.  Use this opportunity to chat with them about their week.  Aside from this being a great chance to chat with your coworkers, sometimes the simple act of talking about their week can inspire new ideas.


Click here to download the Sales Team Content Idea Template

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