Concentric Content Marketing Team

At Concentric Content Marketing we’re dedicated to keep our team agile to respond to the needs of our clients. Our core content marketing team is made up of a Senior Content Strategist and a Technical Lead. We use a team of trusted contractors and partners to design the team to best fit your content marketing needs. Connect with us today to learn more.


[one-half-first]Cate Conroy Senior Content Marketing Strategist

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Cate Conroy – Founder & Senior Content Strategist
A curious and candid marketer with a love of all things media.
Dedicated to improving communications between organizations and individuals. When she’s not in the boardroom she can be found in the classroom teaching graduate classes on marketing.
Runner and gluten free since 2010.
[one-half] Eric Gosh Director of IT
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Eric Gosh – Director of IT
Manages all things technical and keeps the Concentric Content Marketing team in line when they start streaming too many videos.  Has been known to build computers in his free time.