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Having the right tools in place makes any job faster and more efficient, that’s why I’m sharing my top blogging tools.  These help me create better content, find the right words, and stay focused on the task at hand.

Here are the top blogging tools I use every time I write a post:

blogging tools wordpress logoWordPress – Like millions of others, our blog is built on WordPress.  Of all the platforms our team has tried, this one seems to be the easiest for everyone to agree upon.  That’s not to say it is perfect, but for a free platform, WordPress is extremely flexible.

Additionally, if you are a business blog, I highly recommend checking out the Genesis framework by Studiopress.  The framework provides a blog structure that is optimized for search engines, and the child themes available are both beautiful and incredibly flexible.  The framework and the Studiopress community have been a huge help to us as our site grows.

Wordflex logoWordflex – Described as a “touch dictionary”, the app was developed in association with the Oxford University Press. This is a pricey app (as far as mobile apps go) but it has been worth every penny.  I use this at least once a week to find just the right word.  Between the interface and the database, this app somehow seems faster and more enjoyable to use than a boring old thesaurus.

Unfortunately, right now it is only available for the iPad but I’m hoping they will expand their offerings to additional devices soon.

Canva graphic design programCanva – I am a terrible designer. I am a perfectionist but I struggle to translate my ideas into design.  That means I spend way too much time trying to create graphics to accompany my content.  Canva has saved me from myself.

The graphic design tool is built for non-designers. The templates give you great starting points and the flexibility of design tools means that your images always look professional but unique.  Canva has become my go-to graphic design tool.

Anti-SocialBlogging Tools Anti-Social App - I’ll admit it, I’m a product of an internet world.  I am easily distracted and sometimes I don’t even notice that my attention has strayed from my writing until I’m scrolling through my Newsfeed.  Anti-Social was built for people like me.

It is an application that temporarily blocks access to certain sites.  It starts off by keeping you away from the core social sites like Facebook and Twitter, but you can customize it to block or allow specific sites.  For example, I need to be able to access Google search when I’m researching a post.  But Gmail? Just another distraction.

Blogging Tools IFTTT Logo IFTTT – IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) stands for IF This Then That. It is a tool that
allows you to create “recipes” that prompt an action whenever another action occurs.

This is particularly helpful for simplifying the distribution of new posts. You can set up an IFTTT recipe that automatically posts to your Facebook page when you publish a new blog post on WordPress.  There are over 163 “channels” from Facebook to Craigslist and countless recipes. This is a great “set it and forget it” tool to make sure your posts get shared on your most important distribution channels.

I hope you find these tools as helpful as I do.  If you think I missed any, please share in the comments below, I’m always looking for ways to make my blogging more effective.

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