Visual Content Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

Visual content tools you didn't know existed
Visual content is compelling.  We know that it grabs attention, it converts, and it is memorable.
There are lots of great visual content tools out there, but there may be a few you have missed.
Here are some of our favorite under-the-radar tools to create stunning content:

Silk for journalism logo

Silk for Journalism bills items as an all-purpose tool for data journalism.

All you do is upload your spreadsheet and it creates an interactive infographic.

You can then add additional information your silk page like images and an introductory paragraph, or you can embed your silk right on your site.


silk for journalism example

Silk is based on the freemium model so the lowest tier of public pages is always free.  For a limited time you can signup and get a team page for free – so check that out sooner rather than later.

Slidely logoSlidely lets you create beautiful  videos and slideshows from your mobile device.
This is a great tool for creating visual content on the go. mobileYou can sync photos from your existing platforms like Facebook and Instagram with music from SoundCloud, YouTube or your mp3s.  This is like a simple mobile slideshow on steroids.
Added perks include the price tag (it’s free) and a Slidely slideshow embed widget for WordPress.

Stipso logo
I like Stipso for 2 reasons.
First, it is a good tool for creating infographics.
But the second reason is what sets it apart – you create your infographics through social polling.
Stipso tool
This tool combines two steps in the process of creating an infographic- gathering the data and generating the graphic.  Two steps in one? Yes, please.
Plus, they even integrate calls to action into each infographic.  The CTAs integrate with systems Mailchimp and Hubspot so you can gather emails on the spot.
The only downside is that there isn’t a freemium option for this tool, but if you will use this regularly, it is worth the monthly fee.  Plus they have special agency pricing, so if you want to use this tool on behalf of clients I would give them a ring and talk through the options.

efographic logoEfographic turns your emails into an infographic.  Essentially it takes a snapshot of your email newsletter and formats it to look like an infographic.
efographic exampleThe goal of efographic is to make it easier to share newsletters in a compelling format, to those who may not have subscribed.  This is an easy way to create a nicely formatted image of your newsletter.  If you are trying to get more subscribers, include an image of what they’ll get when they signup can be compelling.
While there are some requirements for this tool to work properly, it is a great way to creat brilliant visual content from your text newsletters.
These are some of our under-the-radar tools for visual content creation.  We would love to hear about your favorite tools in the comments below.

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