World’s Worst Content Marketing Advice?

Worst content marketing adviceWe’ve all gotten bad advice in the past, and with a growing focus on content marketing, there is plenty of bad advice to go around.  But what qualifies as the WORST content marketing advice?

We asked some marketing professionals for the worst advice they’ve gotten and we rounded up the best of the worst.

Consider these cautionary tales:

» When I took my first steps into the industry I was told content marketing never mattered, don’t over think, just write about anything. Better yet, try to be clever and use software to spin one article, for use across multiple platforms…Luckily I stuck to my guns and realised the only way to make a success of content marketing is to give it time and attention. – Maria Ahmed, SEO Specialist

» My worst content marketing move was with my site  What I did was added 200,000 auto-generated pages with thin content which targeted different keywords like park names or animal species names. I was hoping the site would rank for those keywords. But instead, the site got penalized by Google’s Panda algorithm and still did not recover.  – Alex Genadinik, Founder,

» “Just get someone to do it quick, I think I saw this one site where you can get an article done for like $20″ - Ben Nettleton, Web Editor,  Global Healing Center

» “‘As long as it looks good and has the right keywords in the title, the actual content doesn’t matter. This is just to increase visibility on search engines, anyways.’ This came from a clueless freelance writer looking to work with our company…Well written content will naturally incorporate your keywords into the text – it shouldn’t be a struggle to shoehorn them into your content. Needless to say, I concentrated on keeping the content quality high – and we passed on hiring that writer.” -Erin Cushing Account Manager, Content strategist at inSegment

» When working with a real estate client we found out that a major murder case had been uncovered on the client’s property. We were in the process of developing a campaign the DOs and DONTs of unitizing the property.  A recommendation was made to insert “don’t use your property to store dead bodies” into the campaign, linking to the news story about the grotesque murder. This idea was turned down for a number or PR and legal reasons thankfully! – Katie Mayberry Consultant – Content Marketing  Spyglass Digital

Marketers, we’d love to hear your horrible advice as well – what is the worst content marketing advice you’ve ever heard?


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    There are some classics in here. What a great idea for a post. So many bad ideas out there! A lot of them are about the disastrous shortcut. Buying links, articles, email addresses, followers, etc. These are all big trouble. There’s an inverse relationship between how easy something is and how effective it is…

    But there’s another category of bad advice on the other side of the coin. A lot of people should be more aggressive in their marketing, but they somehow feel that their audience doesn’t want to hear from them! What’s worse? Buying a list and sending email to random people of having a good list and not using it? They’re both bad, but I guess the first one is worse. :)

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      Totally agree Andy, I think the worst advice comes when someone recommends an extreme as a standard way of marketing. The best marketing comes with nuances and is tailored to fit the audience. One-size-fits-all doesn’t help anyone.

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    If you have a shortcut mind-set, no amount of advice will be heeded. I have adopted the firm policy that I only deal with professionals who are ambitious and want to do it right. As a result, many of my inquiries drop out of site. But for those who engage in content marketing with the right heart and mind-set, you really can generate some amazing connections and exposure for your SMB or non-profit.


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